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Self-Development (LF005)

Purposeful living begins with the discovery, development, and deployment of your potential. There is no limit to your potential as you keep turning out newer and better version of yourself. Self or Capacity development is about securing necessary training, education and skill required to realise your full potential. You get better and more valuable as you devote yourself to reading books, listening to vital messages, and attending educative and life-transforming seminars.

  • What is Potential?
  • Section1
  • Case for Self- Development
  • What is Employee Training? (clone)
  • Question
  • Section 2
  • From Existence to Living (1) _1667862179
  • From Existence to Living (2) _1667862277
  • From Existence to Living
  • Section 3
  • HandlingInevitabilityofChange_1667395840
  • Inevitability of Change
  • Accomodating Change_1667395553
  • Inevitability of Change
  • Section 4
  • Self-Development_1667395478
  • Theory of Self- Development
  • Test: Self-Development
  • Section 5
  • Blessed to be a Blessing _1667388367
  • Stay in Touch
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever